STMC/EHH Lead Practice Disaster Drill


Southern Tennessee Medical Center and Emerald Hodgson Hospital led a disaster drill to prepare for the kind of large-scale disaster they hope they never see. In their scenario, a tornado hit the Co-Op in Winchester and then later touched down in a neighborhood in Sewanee.

"We prepare for the worst and hope for the best," explained Mika Douglas, Plant Operations Director. "We know this is something that could happen so we have to be ready to handle it or something similar."

Doctors and nurses sorted through the wounded to determine who would get treatment first, while hazardous materials crews decontaminated the uninjured that were exposed to the chemicals. Students from Franklin County High School took part as the 25 victims. Also participating in the disaster drill were the Winchester Police Department, Winchester Fire Department, Franklin County EMA, Rural Metro, Grandview Medical Center and the State Regional Health Coordinator which put out a State-wide alert of the drill.

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